A Recent Review

A Review From a Local Blog…

We always love reading complements about Dasaprakash, and this recent entry on a local blog was both humorous and clever.

Hefront-of-dasaprakashre is a excerpt from a February 5th blog entry:

Going to Dasaprakash is like visiting the warm, elegant home of a hospitable aunt, an aunt who strikes a fine balance between serving a home-made meal and presenting it with flair and style, an aunt who, no matter the day or time, whips up a simple, yet delectable meal in which every dish looks distinct and tastes different.

Thanks for the kind words!

Dosas: A Tale of Two Cities

Dosas: A Tale of Two Cities


Dosai from Dasaprakash

The website In Praise Of Sardines has a great review of the Dosas at Dasaprakash, which many others have commented on.

The article is called Dosas: A Tale of Two Cities has the following to say:

Dasaprakash is, in our opinion, the best South Indian restaurant in the San Francisco/San Jose area and belongs on our Short List.

We’re thrilled and honored to read such praise, and we hope you’ll stop in at Dasaprakash to give our Dosai a try.