A Rave Review from ChowHound

A rave review from ChowHound.

We prevailed and ordered the following: Conjeevaram Iddly, which qualified as both an incredible bargain and, to me, the start of a wonderful dining experience. Delicate but flavorful, with a satisfying texture, “rice cakes” hardly did justice in describing them.

Another delight was Mysore Masala Dosai–a spicy “crepe” filled with spicy potato and onion, which was hardly hot by our standards.


We also tried Mixed Oothapam, which the owner referred to as “Indian pizza,” and which featured tomatoes and onions, and Pesseret, “green gram crepe” with onions. green chiles, and ginger.

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A Recent Review

A Review From a Local Blog…

We always love reading complements about Dasaprakash, and this recent entry on a local blog was both humorous and clever.

Hefront-of-dasaprakashre is a excerpt from a February 5th blog entry:

Going to Dasaprakash is like visiting the warm, elegant home of a hospitable aunt, an aunt who strikes a fine balance between serving a home-made meal and presenting it with flair and style, an aunt who, no matter the day or time, whips up a simple, yet delectable meal in which every dish looks distinct and tastes different.

Thanks for the kind words!

Dosas: A Tale of Two Cities

Dosas: A Tale of Two Cities


Dosai from Dasaprakash

The website In Praise Of Sardines has a great review of the Dosas at Dasaprakash, which many others have commented on.

The article is called Dosas: A Tale of Two Cities has the following to say:

Dasaprakash is, in our opinion, the best South Indian restaurant in the San Francisco/San Jose area and belongs on our Short List.

We’re thrilled and honored to read such praise, and we hope you’ll stop in at Dasaprakash to give our Dosai a try.