jatbar review of Dasaprakash

1084-04jatbar review of Dasaprakash

I’m breaking a jatbar law, I should have written this ages ago. The 3 of us ordered a plate of food suggested by our waiter. We tasted about 12 different items, each with its unique own flavor. Many of the items were on the spicy side. My favorite dish was the poori (puffy bread) with the sides of chutneys and relishes. I would re-visit without hesitation.

Atmosphere is one of the nicer Indian restaurants we’ve seen in the area. Dasaprakash was very clean and service attentive.

This was a Jatbar drop-in visit – we had never heard of it before or received a wishlist request for it.

The place was pretty upscale for an Indian restaurant (especially south indian vegetarian) and it was still fairly crowded. I scanned the menu and quite a few things sounded good to me.

The friendly lady asked if we wanted to get a few combinations that we could share. That was very kind of her, as we got to sample some of their favorite dishes and try a bit of everything.

Most everything was really delicious. I must say I enjoyed the rice combination dishes more than the soupy Thali dishes. But that is just my personal preference. I would not hesitate to return here. It was pretty pricey, though, so be prepared to fork over the cash. In the end, though, it was worth it as the interior was comfortable and private (while still being crowded) and the service was top notch.

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