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Dasaprakash gives a whole new meaning to the work “Pancake,” with the crisp lacy disks made from wheat, lentils and rice.

– Jonathan Gold. Los Angeles Times (Jan 28,1993)

Southern Indian cooking is one of the great cuisines of the world, rigorously vegetarian, intricately spiced, dominated by tart, fiery stews. The best place to go for southern Indian cooking is the plush Dasaprakash, which is affiliated with a family-run chain of hotels back in South India. Many people in the Indian community consider Dasaprakash — to be one of the very serious Indian restaurants in Southern California.

– Jonathan Gold. (L.A.Weekly. January 24th 1997)

Outside south India, it’s hard to find Sambhar that tastes right -even the best dosai place in Calcutta can’t duplicate the flavor. The Sambhars I’ve tried in Los Angeles have been terrible, but Dasaprakash gets the seasoning as right as may be possible here.

– Barbara Hansen. ( L.A.Times. Feb 27th ‘97)

Sometimes I get so hungry for south Indian vegetarian food I want to hop on a plane for Madras–Or at least drive down to Dasaprakash in Cerritos. But now I don’t have to do either. Dasaprakash has opened a branch on the Westside. Huge paintings of elephants garbed for a festival and a Tanjore temple let you know that you haven’t stumbled into another Italian bistro.

– Barbara Hansen. ( L.A.Times. February 27th 1997)


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